Ready for Change

About a month ago my boss texted me on a Saturday morning to ask if we could chat. I’d had a feeling what she was going to tell me and I pardoned myself from my hubs to take the phone call in our room. As I sat on the edge of the bed I braced myself for all the details: plans were about to change. 

At this time we had just began wrapping up season 3 (our second season) of the Showtime drama Billions, and had plans for a hiatus and then a return to season 4. After 10 months of work I could not wait for my time off. Besides a planned 3 week trip to Europe at the end of June I would have an additional 5-6 weeks of writing, running, yoga, and every other recuperating endeavor my heart desired. It’s what I call my time, and I cherish it. This might seem like a crazy schedule to someone with a more corporate type of job, but is something you get used to as a freelancer. Work in TV and Film can be intense and tiring so it works well to go hard and then take a bit of a break.

When I finally got on the phone with my boss my suspicions were confirmed, she had decided to forgo season 4 of Billions and had taken a job on a miniseries for Netflix. I understood the reasons she had made this decision and I fully supported that she was making the best choice for herself. She wanted me to come with her, and our phone call was an explanation of how everything would work. My nice long hiatus was out the window, the new show would be starting much sooner. Since we work freelance, sticking with the same team is not at all a given. Sometimes people click with each other, and schedules coincide and you are able to do several shows with the same group of people. Sometimes it’s a one and done. I’ve felt very lucky to be with my boss for the past three years. It’s just worked out that she has wanted to take me on whatever show she does, and I have wanted to follow her as well. There are plenty of people I have worked for once and would not work for again–so finding someone I want to stick with is kind of a big deal.

I didn’t commit to anything during that phone call. She was giving me the weekend to think about the change in schedule, the new (and longer) commute, and all the other small but noteworthy details. I hung up with her and made my way out to the living room to fill in my other half. Unexpectedly, when I opened my mouth to give him the scoop, I instead released a heavy hearted bellow and tears started to flow. I cried hard. I mean, I cry all the time–but this was like, hit you in your gut, whole body wailing. My hubs held me for a minute and gave me time to settle down before he asked for an explanation. When I finally had my breath the words that began to flow out of me felt like they had been sitting right on the surface of my chest for months, maybe years. I told him how I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I told him I didn’t want to do accounting work anymore. I said that my boss making that decision for herself woke me to the realization that I wanted to be able to do the same–that I wanted more freedom to determine how I generated and maintained my livelihood. I told him that I had gotten that feeling–the jumping off point one–where my fear of staying in the same place was finally greater than the fear of trying something new and heading out into the unknown. I think that’s why I cried–I knew that feeling. I knew the time for change had come, and I was scared.

The first few years I started in TV and Film I worked in production and in locations on set. Very early on I realized it was a lifestyle I wouldn’t be able to maintain. The hours were just too long and made it impossible to have room for anything else. I knew I couldn’t be happy at a job where I didn’t have time to run, do yoga, and write on the side. Seeing my hubs every once in a while was also a priority. When I worked in the production office I would always notice that the accountants seemed to go home at a decent hour (not early, but decent). After speaking to a few of them it seemed like the work was interesting enough. A month or two later, I had landed a clerk position.

Fast forward to five years later and I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more grateful for the line of work I happened to fall into. When I started in this industry, I didn’t even realize there were accountants. Now I’ve made a solid living as one for several years–which by the way is no small feat for a girl who’d pretty much only ever waited tables and couldn’t keep the minimum in her checking account. That Saturday after talking to my boss and crying with my hubs I went to a yoga class where this thought had me erupting in tears in the middle of one of the postures. It seems like these things come naturally for some people–you go to college, you get a job, you pay your bills, you save. That wasn’t me. I went to college. I chilled. I bartended. I drank. I went to rehab. I drank. I waited tables. I drank—and went shopping, and spent all my money on things that would give me instant gratification. When I got sober, I suddenly wanted to be responsible–which was great, but it didn’t just happen. It took me years to learn how to save and budget and plan for time off and put aside money for travel. It took time to bring home a consistent paycheck and learn how to use it to have the life I so desperately wanted. It took work to build a reputation as a competent and pleasant employee and colleague–to get to a point where even as a freelancer, I didn’t worry about getting the next job. All of this took so fucking long for this crazy alcoholic to get. And now what? Was I going to toss it all to the side to try something else? Terrified doesn’t begin to describe the feeling that brought me to tears in that class.

None of what I had told my husband surprised him; he’s known that being a production accountant was not my dream since day one–and he’s heard about it most days since. What was different this time was my readiness to take a risk and make a change.

Some people seem to have a laser clear path to their dreams. They see the direction they ought to go in and they head that way, full force. I’m a little different. I’ve got a pretty good picture of where I would like to end up, but I have absolutely no idea what the journey will look like getting there. What I’ve found so far is that smaller dreams pop up on what I think is the path to my bigger dream–and I’ve found that the best thing to do is whatever is right in front of me. Actually, wanna know a secret? Wanna know who I try to model my life after? Forrest Gump. Swear to God. FG is my Dalai Lama. I do realize he’s a fictional character–but just stick with me if you will. Essentially all Forrest ever does is the next right thing that appears on his path–and he ends up having this absolutely incredible life. He wasn’t a man with the most means–mentally or physically or financially–but he just kept on taking the opportunities that were presented to him and a beautiful life grew up around him. I really believe that I can have the same thing. That instead of trying to control everything, I can listen to the Universe and let it guide me to each new place I am supposed to explore and to each fascinating person I am supposed to know. So far, it’s done an incredible job of stirring up my intuition and moving me towards each next adventure–so it only feels right to keep letting it lead me along.

For years I’ve said to my hubs that I wish I could get paid to workout. I’ve always kind of been joking but I say it because running and yoga and strength training are some of the easiest things for me to dedicate myself to. I love them. When tasked with figuring out what the hell my next step was going to be, this same sentiment kept coming up. It felt like I should try to do something in fitness or wellness. But what?

As promised, my hubs and I had a long talk when I got home from yoga. I needed some time with my man and I’d hoped he’d be able to help me pin down the millions of thoughts swirling around my brain and make some sort of sense out of them. Eventually I heard myself begin to repeat the same things over and over. I told him that I wanted a different lifestyle–one that was more free and independent and perhaps entrepreneurial. I talked about how I envied the yoga teachers we met when we traveled and how many of them would go around the world and teach at different studios for months at a time. That appealed to me. I wanted to help people in areas that I was passionate about– nutrition, fitness, mental health, yoga, running. I also wanted to make money–to have the ceiling for how much money I could make be determined by how hard I wanted to work, not by a predetermined industry standard. I told him what confused me was that I didn’t just want to be one thing. I didn’t only want to be a yoga teacher or personal trainer or a nutritionist–I maybe wanted to be all those things–and maybe more.

There’s been a joke that I’ve had with a few friends and coworkers for a while. We quip that I’m their life coach–cause I’m often talking issues through with people and trying to help them figure out how they should move forward with different things. In my jumping off point/career questioning moment, this kept going through my head. Life Coach. Is that even a thing? I mean, I knew it was a thing, but was it something I could actually do? Could I make money doing it? How does one even become a life coach? Is that one of those jobs that I’m not going to have the confidence to say when people ask me what I do? Cause you know, I know that they’ll be thinking, hey, that’s not a real job. 

Luckily during all this I had an adequate moment of grace and peace where all those doubtful voices shut the fuck up. I stopped thinking about what anyone else would think about my decisions and got quiet enough to hear what was true and in my heart. I grabbed my Mac and started googling life coaching. The short of it: That Sunday I found a school and a company that I immediately felt was speaking my language. On the following Wednesday I spoke for about 30-40 minutes with one of the founders on the phone. By Thursday I had plunked down a few grand for a 16 week course. Three days later, on Sunday, I had my first class.

In my current field, when we have any sort of meeting, I have to fight to keep myself awake. I’m actually quite positive I have fallen asleep with my eyes open many times. I’m just not inspired by the work. While we’re only two classes into this life coaching course, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited or interested in something I might be able to do for a living. I was actually bummed when classed ended the other day–I actually signed off with my online cohort and studied my notes because I was so engaged in the material. It’s a feeling I haven’t had–well…ever. It’s not a feeling that I’ve got it all figured out or even know exactly what my plan is. It’s that next right thing feeling. I know it when I have it, and at this moment, I’m flowing along with the Universe with ease.

I did decide to take this next gig with my boss. As much as I fantasize about being one of those people who quits their job and goes for what they love, I know being stressed about money is not going to fuel my passion and creativity. I’m gonna take this job, which will last almost until the end of the year, and reassess where I’m at when that time comes. All the while I’ll be working my butt off trying to build a new career–one that will eventually allow for the lifestyle I know that I want. The beauty of being a freelancer is that you can take work when you need to, and leave it when you don’t. It’s part of what makes me understand the importance of the production accountant part of my journey. There’s no way I’d be capable of going on to this next phase without it.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m moving forward. The company I am working with especially encourages their coaches to focus on their own experiences and utilize their specific skills to build their practice. This means I’m going to be focusing a lot on writing and with a bit of their help, will hopefully be sharing some of my content with wider audiences.

There’s so much that feels unknown right now. But I’m settling in and starting to make myself comfortable on the island of discomfort. I have a feeling I’ll be here for quite a while, which is fine. I know this is where the change is–this is where my big life happens.


Anyone else going through some big changes–career or otherwise? I’d love to hear about them.

How do you know when you need to make a change, that something is not working for you anymore? Do you immediately listen to your intuition, or does it take a while?

Have you had the intuition that should make a change and not followed it? Are you happy with your choice now? Do you regret it?


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36 thoughts on “Ready for Change

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  3. It’s funny you saying all this! I know I’m just catching up on your blogs, and I’m a good three weeks behind your current 😂 but I’m in this same zone. The where the Fuck am I going with all this zone?! I’ve been trying to get out of tree work for the last two years. I applied to the prison service, but thankfully failed the role play part of the interview. So then I tried the police but realised I would need to go down a level to gain the experience needed, so opted for a community support officer. Smashed through the course and then hated the job, found it too restrictive and frustrating. So I’m back up the trees but my body is crying at me every day, the work is just too much now and I’m feeling it more and more. But where else to go? I’ve tried stepping back into grounds work but I find it too boring. It’s the danger element that keeps me climbing. But I know it’s not sustainable, so where too?

    I’ve been thinking again about training others, but I can’t get a solid feeling on how to do this. I want it to be sport and fitness related but do I go with coaching, or becoming a PT or even adventure trips….i really don’t know where to head. I’m waiting for the universe to give me the definite nod one way or another, but at the moment it just keeps throwing tree work at me 😂

    I know I need to change, but currently I don’t know how! x


  4. Cat I had to wait a couple of days before I could answer this post – migraine and screen time not being very compatible I’m afraid, and secondly how could I express my admiration for your honest to goodness openness about life’s challenges? Firstly, wow lady accept the huge compliment of your boss wanting you with her – I always looked for a safe pair of hands whenever I was recruiting and they are so bloody rare to find. Quite clearly you are that safe pair of hands – that means you’re competent, trustworthy and have your boss’s back. Qualities that are cast iron guaranteed to hold you in good stead when you take your next exciting step into your chosen field.
    I also think you’ve articulated a little known truth – often we are told ‘ you are here just once, go follow your dreams’ Well to take the piss a bit as we English do – I’d like to be Kim Kardashian, but funnily enough I’m not! My point is that often some of this well meaning advice, totally ignores life’s realities, we have bills to pay and housing to find and sometimes following your dreams, seems to lose that ‘real life’ aspect. There are so few of us who can ‘afford’ to follow dreams, often it is the preserve of the rich and famous, who have choices that most of us don’t. Cash constrains choice, you may be clever but if you can’t afford college, then what happens next? It seems to me having landed in the trough of discomfort, you are on the way to the mountain of opportunity (gosh aren’t they terrible metaphors!). Well done you for figuring out what you do and don’t want. Often Mr JCR asks me what I want and I tell him what I don’t want – and he says they’re not the same thing. But for me the process of articulating the ‘don’t wants’ clears my head space to find the ‘what do I wants’ list. Good luck lady, although I don’t think you need luck as clearly you make your own!

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    1. Jan! So sorry you’ve been battling those migraines–hope things are getting better!
      Thank you so much for all of this. I was even a bit taken aback by your praise about my boss wanting to keep me around. I don’t take praise very well (do any of us?) but yours did strike me because i realize that that type of thing is something I never think of as an accomplishment (although for me it really is, there was a time in my life where i was nearly unemployable!). So thank you for pointing that out and reminding me that I’ve come a long way, and being a good employee is something to be proud of.

      And Cash constrains choice– you are so right. I think it’s hard cause we live in this Instagram world of beautiful people and pics that say “Go follow your dreams!” but shit is definitely not that easy–and everything you say is true, it’s really not affordable for most of us. I like to think of myself as a fortunate girl who also has to be creative and work for it. I have been blessed with a lot more than others–but not as much as some. So while I can’t quit the day job and fully pursue my passions in total freedom, I can work my butt off to get where I’m trying to go (and have a pretty great life while doing it too).
      I also like your “don’t wants clearing space for the do wants”, that actually makes A LOT of sense to me–the clearing of the space. I think I’m gonna remember that the next time I feel stuck or unclear about what I want or what the next step forward is.
      thank you for all of this, and thank you for your support, I feel so incredibly lucky to have it! xx

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  5. I am so happy that I read this post this morning, the timing was just about perfect. There was so much here that I can relate to, I hardly even know where to begin! First, I recognized nearly two years ago that my corporate career is not where I want to be for the rest of my life. I also want something more, I want to be an entrepreneur and be in control of my path and not limited by the desk job with insane pressure. I’ve been working through figuring out what that means and also have varied interests, but have also been drawn into the world of coaching. Since getting sober just a few short months ago, things are moving much more quickly, but it’s also because so much time has freed up. Time that I’m not hitting the bottle has turned into me hitting the books with life and recovery coach training. I’m still in the day job, but the the thoughts of needing to do something different that will allow the time for my other ventures are swirling around my head. I’m not sure what it means for me yet and I’ve put it out to the universe for guidance because I feel like a slave to my paycheck these days. I have a very strong and financially rewarding career at the moment, but the pressure and the lack of interest in what I do is breaking me down. I’m working hard at trying to view it only as a temporary means to a much more beautiful path ahead, but it can be almost soul-crushing at times.

    So much is happening for me right now and I continue to come across different ideas and new people, especially since choosing sobriety and starting coach training, and this week all of that felt a little overwhelming. What I loved in your post is when you said “instead of trying to control everything, I can listen to the Universe and let it guide me to each new place I am supposed to explore and to each fascinating person I am supposed to know.” My take away this morning is this, I need to just take this one moment at a time, enjoy the ride where it is today and allow it to unfold instead of trying to force anything. I know the universe is listening and I need to trust in that. Thank you for sharing your experience, you are an inspiration! (I’d also be curious to know more about which coaching program you are going through.) -Tracie

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    1. Wow Tracie, sounds like you are going through a massive amount of change! So exciting (and I’m sure also terrifying at the same time!). It sounds like you are on the right path though in just letting the Universe guide you–I think we just have to be quiet and open enough to listen, and that voice is really always there for us. Allowing things to unfold can be so hard–I never feel like they are going at the pace I want them to or exactly in the way I envisioned. In retrospect though, when I look back at my life, I’m like “holy shit, look at everything I’ve done and all that has happened”. It is all as it should be and all my steps are necessary. And in retrospect, all those steps have been full of life, adventure, learning. I’m so glad I never got my way and got to just gloss over life and land straight on what i think are my goals and the things I want. My life would not be nearly as colorful and meaningful!
      Thank you for sharing your experience as well–I feel glad I am not the only one out there feeling these things and trying to make changes ;).
      Also–coaching program–It’s called the Catalyst Coaching Intensive and it’s through a company called JRNI.
      Thanks Tracie–look forward to connecting with you more! x

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  6. That is great that you have a boss who appreciates you and who you click well enough with to move from job to job. I absolutely loved my last manager and while I still work indirectly with her, I don’t directly report to her anymore and my new manager just doesn’t compare.

    Props to you for exploring a new avenue in life that will hopefully bring about additional happiness! I think you’re going about it the right way with still continuing your full time job. I feel like to jump full fledged into something new with no “security blanket” could create more stress and not allow you to fully explore the new option.

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    1. It really is huge when you have someone above you that you not only respect, but also really respects you as well, right? I definitely don’t take it for granted because it’s not something I’ve always had.
      And yeah thanks for your support for the way I’m trying to do this thing. I know there are some people who feel like they thrive under stress–I’m not sure that’s me. I think I can thrive under A LOT–like i can be really busy and take on a lot–but I think the stress of not being able to pay my bills or having to totally rely on my hubs would only put me in fear mode and would NOT be a motivator.


  7. Oh wow, exciting! For the record, I think that’s a good call to decide to take the job for now and do the life coaching thing as a side project until you’re more established with it. When I decided to go freelance as an editor (and this was a BIG thing for 39 year old admin) I worked to build it on the side for 2 years while I worked full then part time; that let me save and see if it would work, and I had a spreadsheet that told me when I was replacing my earnings as an admin. I was lucky I had a flexi-time job which did help.

    I have also made another big decision recently. It was scary and it took a crisis to make it happen, which I’m not that chuffed about. I got into a depression which led me to make poor decisions which had me taking on too much work. I got to a state of near-burnout, of really bad, wild-eyed depression and lack of sleep and working all the time, snapping and crying. So I’ve decided to say no more, cut my hours, and cut my income (that’s really scary due to old, old issues about needing to be able to support myself and more, just in case). I feel lighter now I’ve decided that (and husband is on board and just got a pay rise, handily)

    So it sounds positive but careful and that’s a good way to be. If you would like a copy of the book I wrote about going freelance just email me (it’s about employed to freelance but might have a few ideas for you). Also on my work blog I have my Freelance Chats where load of people share their journeys and you might find that useful).

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    1. Thanks Liz! I’m so glad you mentioned your experience with your editing business. Around 2 years was sort of the thought I had in my mind of how long it might take to totally let go of the other work–glad to hear my thinking is not so far off! You’re definitely one of the people I look up to and admire for being able to go out on their own!
      Also, glad that you are able to make those new decisions now that are hopefully going to make you happier, and wonderful that you have your hubs to support you as well! Let me know how that all goes. Also, checking out your site now, thanks Liz!

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    1. Lorena, i freakin’ love this! Please feel free to comment in spanish, always. This seriously does help me. You know what’s funny is I knew all of this except for Enhorabuena (yes, learning new word!)–but I also second guessed myself and looked more of it up too. This is so great, thank you. And also thank you for your well wishes and encouragement!
      Being bilingual is really a part of my dream but it’s something I put off cause it all just feels like so much. But here i go right here right, baby steps! it doesn’t always have to look like what I think it’s supposed to–perhaps it starts with translating my blogger friends comments ;). that’s pretty awesome! gracias amiga! x


  8. Haha! We would totally be friends in real life. I’m a responsible free spirit as well. And I’m so excited for you ! I would totally do the life coach thing if I didn’t have so much on my plate already. ( Six kids…). One of my sister’s close friends does it in Austin and she loves it. I wish you the best in this journey! For me, life changes must be fairly small ,even though I keep pushing for big changes, I am limited by my husband. So what I’ve done to improve my happiness is start being willing to drive longer distances to the trails I really want to run on. Like hours of driving. It’s worth it to me.

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    1. Aww, I love it. Responsible free spirit–that’s such a good way to put it! And OMG, six kids?! Lady, you are unbelievable, I have no idea how you do it!
      That is really inspiring to me that you find the ways where you can have the changes you want. I think it’s so true for all of us that we can’t always have exactly what we want exactly when we want it-but finding ways to adjust in our constraints is really part of the journey. Case in point: I cannot just not work while i try and pursue something else–I’ve gotta do it together. I am looking at it like i am training for a marathon :). A lot of times we don’t know how things are gonna work, but i think if we take them a day at a time and do our best, we get an awful lot out of the whole process!
      Glad you are getting those trail runs you love in–making it happen! x

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      1. Marathon training is such a good metaphor and actual practice for life. We aren’t elites, so we have to train while still carrying on our daily lives. So you will probably be great at going to school while you work. 🙂

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  9. If you’re happy, I’m happy for you! I have Forest Gump’ed my way through a large chunk of life. I wish you the best. I think it is great to lean into what excites you and wise to keep the freelance job while you figure it out. To thine own self be true.

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    1. You’re so sweet Bryce, thank you! I am thrilled to know someone else is in the Forrest Gump school of life, lol. He’s kind of brilliant though, right? Also, appreciate your support of keeping the freelance job. In my fantasy I want to QUIT right now and break out and jump into this new thing–but that’s really what that is, fantasy. Good to have sensible people reminding me (while pushing me forward also!) thank you! x

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  10. I recently made the decision to move to overnights at my job because I was promised a raise to go along with it. I am scared because I am giving up a potential (but not promised) promotion to a supervisor position) It currently works because my partner is moving to nights at his job and we’ll be able to see each other more I think (hopefully) but it’s still foreign territory and I am a bit anxious about it. Keep your spirits up!

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    1. I hope your decision works out for you–it will be great that you and your partner will be on the same schedule. More time with my partner just generally makes me happier so i think making decisions that give me that are usually a good option! Remember, change almost always feels scary–no matter if it’s big or small. That scary feeling doesn’t mean it’s not the right decision, just something you have to walk through! And if it’s not the right thing for you, you’ll learn that and take that knowledge with you in the next decision you have to make about work! It will all work out (just sometimes it doesn’t work out exactly how we planned in the time that we planned, right?) Good luck hon! x

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  11. Wow Cat that is awesome that you’ve taken steps towards where you want to be.
    I always remember my mom saying as I was growing up, just follow what you are interested in now😀. It worked for me:)

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  12. Erratic Movement

    Cat, really happy that you’ve found an avenue that aligns with how you want to live! I can imagine that there were a lot of competing thoughts for you: the security of the freelance opportunity that came up and the fact that it is with a boss that you know and get on with, the conflict of how it will impact the plans you made and on your daily commute/work-life balance. From the sounds of things, you’re really ready to tackle the challenge of working on the great-but-demanding freelance opportunity whilst studying and working towards a career path that’s going to get you closer to where you want to be in the future. Looking forward to hearing how everything progresses, and if you’re able to translate even a small bit of the inspiration and feeling that your posts here frequently elicit, I think you’ll make a great life coach!

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    1. Thanks Paul! It’s still really early so I have no idea how everything will come together or how it will all turn out–but encouraged and ready to give it a go!
      You know what’s funny, is i totally channeled marathon training when I decided that I could try and take all of this on? When I started marathon training I was so heavily committed to my blog, and also had a demanding work schedule. I had no idea how i was going to do it all. Instead of trying to figure it all out, I just put my head down, charged forward, and started doing it. Trying to bring that same energy and focus into this–I don’t need to understand beforehand how i am going to juggle it all, I just have to start doing it and trust that if it is the right thing, I will be able to do it. My hubs always repeats the saying to me, “If you want something done, ask someone who’s busy.”
      Thanks so much for your encouragement here, it helps loads! x

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  13. I don’t often comment online, but I wanted to say that you are so brave for realizing you’re in need of a change! This past year, I quit my job as an editor, not knowing where the future would take me. That career path felt wrong in my gut; I had wanted it so badly at first, thinking it would be perfect, but ultimately, I discovered that it wasn’t the right fit for me. And it’s taken some time to re-learn how to tune-in to my intuition after taking that wrong turn, but with time I’ve found my way again. I’m going to be pursuing a graduate degree in library science this fall — and it just feels right. Where I once felt lost, I now feel open — optimistic and driven. I’ve learned that that “next right feeling” is so important — and when you find it, you’re right to chase it 🙂

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    1. Chelsea! I feel so freakin’ honored that you don’t often comment but made an exception for my post–thank you thank you!
      So I don’t know if i am brave quite yet–i think you being the one who actually bit the bullet and quit her job is the courageous one, that is amazing. I really admire people like you who have been able to do that–it’s so freakin scary!
      That makes a lot of sense that you have had to re-learn how to fine tune and listen to your intuition. I think especially when we get into a routine and things are “fine” we get wrapped up in the safety and comfort of it all and it can be hard to hear and then actually listen to that voice inside of you calling out “hey, something’s not right here!” That’s great that you have taken the time to find that again–I think having that patience and understanding that the answers might not come right away is really key–and is not a way of living everyone is capable of, so bravo to you.
      Library sciences–how cool?! That is really exciting. Thank you so much for chiming in with your story–made me more confident that I am on the right track! Please always feel free to share your thoughts here, they are super appreciated. thanks Chelsea! x


    1. Thank you so much Payton! That’s so awesome that you have been wanting to go to school. Just remember–all you need to take is one step at a time. So what can you do TODAY to get you closer to one of your goals. You don’t have to conquer the whole world in one day (but you will eventually ;)). Thanks for reading lady, happy to have you! x


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