Marathon Day 2018

I am headed out to cheer on blogger friends, real-life friends, and strangers at the New York City Marathon. My heart is full. I suspect it will be an emotional day. Not quite as emotional as last year, when I took on the course myself for the very first time.

I thought finishing my first marathon would be all about fulfilling a dream I’d had since I was seventeen. I didn’t know my biggest takeaway would be the people–the family, the friends and the strangers who showed up for me and carried me (pretty literally kicking and screaming) across that finish line.

Today is all about giving back what was given so lovingly to me. My hubs and I will be out there right around mile 23–it’s the point that was one of the toughest for me last year. You get in Central Park and you feel so elated–“I made it to the park! Yes! I’m almost finished!” Then two minutes later you go, “What the fuck! I made it to the park, why are there still MILES to go, AHHHHHH!!!!.”

On this day last year, there was a woman right at that point, whose face I will never forget. She told me that I could do it, that I had just a few miles more. I was in such a state that I yelled back at her–“You don’t know that! You don’t know that I can finish!.” Without blinking she came right back at me–with double the intensity. She got in my face, followed me as I ran for what felt like a minute (but was probably only seconds) and yelled, “I do know! I do know! You CAN do this! You ARE going to finish! I know!.”

I will never forget her. (Tears streaming as I write.)

I’m gonna try my best to be her today–to do for someone else, what she did for me.


With that I’ll leave you with my marathon story–in case you weren’t one of the amazing people who supported me last year and read it already.


I love my city. I love runners. Happy NYC Marathon day loves. x



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