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  1. Hi Cat, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. It’s not worth putting your all into a hill, if you get the top and you’re dead you’ve only hampered your progress for the next stretch. You want to be going at a pace that is steady but maintainable so when you hit the top you can straight away pick up the pace again. In very steep hills it’s even better to just go at a fast walking pace. I learned this the hard way but it’s definitely paid off for me now. Hope this helps.

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    1. It definitely does help, thanks Frank!! It’s funny, I remember that outside but not on the treadmill, I think I should be applying that rule everywhere, especially because I take it up to a very steep incline on the treadmill. You are so right, when I’m pushing too hard on that steep incline I’m wiped once I get to the flat interval again and then I’m lagging. Great insight, thank you!! Please stop by again 😉.

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