Marathon Day 2018

I am headed out to cheer on blogger friends, real-life friends, and strangers at the New York City Marathon. My heart is full. I suspect it will be an emotional day. Not quite as emotional as last year, when I took on the course myself for the very first time.

I thought finishing my first marathon would be all about fulfilling a dream I’d had since I was seventeen. I didn’t know my biggest takeaway would be the people–the family, the friends and the strangers who showed up for me and carried me (pretty literally kicking and screaming) across that finish line.

Today is all about giving back what was given so lovingly to me. My hubs and I will be out there right around mile 23–it’s the point that was one of the toughest for me last year. You get in Central Park and you feel so elated–“I made it to the park! Yes! I’m almost finished!” Then two minutes later you go, “What the fuck! I made it to the park, why are there still MILES to go, AHHHHHH!!!!.”

On this day last year, there was a woman right at that point, whose face I will never forget. She told me that I could do it, that I had just a few miles more. I was in such a state that I yelled back at her–“You don’t know that! You don’t know that I can finish!.” Without blinking she came right back at me–with double the intensity. She got in my face, followed me as I ran for what felt like a minute (but was probably only seconds) and yelled, “I do know! I do know! You CAN do this! You ARE going to finish! I know!.”

I will never forget her. (Tears streaming as I write.)

I’m gonna try my best to be her today–to do for someone else, what she did for me.


With that I’ll leave you with my marathon story–in case you weren’t one of the amazing people who supported me last year and read it already.


I love my city. I love runners. Happy NYC Marathon day loves. x



Hey there, thanks for reading! I’m so glad we’ve found each other in the blogosphere, let’s connect on Instagram  as well! I’m entering a new phase so while I’ll post here every so often, this site is a bit under construction. However I am up and “running” on IG daily ; ).  Please come find me! x

21 thoughts on “Marathon Day 2018

  1. I was thinking about you today and realized I hadn’t seen a blog in a long long time. I miss you! I can’t seem to get into IG but I will at least go follow so I can check in from time to time.


  2. Thanks Cat! It’s great to know that you were there. Our son, who lives in Chicago, was out there trying to better his Chicago time from two years ago and break the 4 hour barrier. He did it! In 3.58.49. All we could do was watch the tracker from our island off the west coast of Scotland, willing him just to dig in, but you and people like you will have given him the spur he needed to do that final sub-9-minute final mile. Thanks so much!

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    1. Aww thank you Bron! Wow! 3:58:49. AMAZING! You must be so proud. I was so proud of all the runners–they really had my spirit flying sky high–so much grit in the bunch. I wonder if he had his name on his shirt? If he did, I probably yelled his name ,LOL. So glad i could be there–so much joy. x


  3. Your story of the lady yelling at you made me tear up! I get emotional watching running events be it on TV or even just coaching… fortunately I’ve never cried in front of any of my kids (yet!) I had two running friends compete yesterday hoping to break 4 hours (one is working on doing a sub 4 marathon in every state) – the one is the older guy who ran my last half marathon with me if you saw that post. He pulled away from the other guy at mile 17 and ended up with a 4:15. The other friend did a 4:28 which disappointed him, but he’s getting over being sick and he said his legs just totally locked up at one point. I was having fun tracking them online, seeing their little dots move along the course but I really wish I could’ve been there in person!

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    1. I am not going to lie–I would kind of love it if one of my coaches was brought to tears at one point. My best coaches were the ones I knew really cared (not that you can’t care without crying!).

      That app is so great for tracking everyone–so glad you got to check in on your friends that day. I really do think it’s a special one! x

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  4. That lady – tears in my eyes, too! I was thinking about how you might be feeling a year on – it’s amazing you did it and lovely that you went to support at just that place. I’m sure you brought comfort and inspiration to loads of people!

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    1. Aww–I am glad she made you teary-eyed too. She was incredible. I will never forget her! A year on–I am thinking it might take another year to want to do it again. But I feel much closer to it than i did 11 months ago ;). What a thing the marathon is, huh Liz? Ooh- I have to go find you on Insta, going to do it now!

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  5. Lol, you sound like me when I’m out there on a marathon course! I definitely don’t always have a happy face…I’ve even lashed out at my husband who was so nicely supporting me! But it’s all part of the emotional highs and lows you feel when you’re doing 26.2 miles. How did it go today? I’m sure the runners appreciated your support!

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    1. It went so well Rachael! Sorry I am just getting back to you now. It was a whole other experience obviously from running the marathon itself. Honestly, my heart could not have been more full or more moved. I will do it again, for sure! (run and cheer <3)


  6. I get teary eyed every single time I watch a marathon. Because I know the heart and work it took each of them to get there. Good job to you and your husband going out to provide support. It means so much, as you know, especially near the end.

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    1. Yes Dawn! That’s what I was thinking the WHOLE day on Sunday. Even when I was cheering and I got some “You don’t understand, i can’t do this” faces, I responded with, “I DO know!” Cause I actually knew exactly what they were going through!

      I am so glad we got to be there–supporting all those people put me on cloud 9–such a good feeling. x


  7. Good for you.
    Not the same but at a recent 10k one of the marshals at about 9k was so encouraging to everyone… it really gives a boost to people being told they’re doing great and they can do it.

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    1. Hey Karen! I think it is the same! Sure a marathon is longer but one person’s mile is another person’s marathon, right? I was so touched by all the runners on the course–they had so much gratitude. I cannot tell you how many of them were thanking my hubs and i as they ran by us exhausted at the 24th mile! My heart is still full–I think it will be for a while. It’s quite something when friends and family support you, right? It’s wonderful. Of course. But when strangers do it–man. It really makes you believe in something–there are things bigger than us.. (at least that’s what it does for me;) ). Thanks for chiming in Karen, so good to hear from you! x

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